If you have a food parcel you don't need and you'd like to donate it, please click the button below:

Seaford Volunteer Emergency Team

(Mon-Fri: 9.00 am - 12.00 noon)

We are a community run group of volunteers working to co-ordinate and offer support for those affected by the Coronavirus in Seaford. We will try to support all of those who can't get out for simple things like shopping, collection of medication, or those who just need a chat to another human being.

Although we do our best we can't always react the same day that you make a request. If a prescription collection is really urgent, maybe use a taxi collection for your own peace of mind.

Also, supermarkets and some local shops offer a delivery service, or click and collect. Morrisons', as an example, is at this website.

Many people are already helping their neighbours, which is excellent. For those who are not so fortunate and who are self-isolating for any reason, we encourage you to ask us for help. Many may do this as a precaution for the good of others and may feel it is difficult to justify asking for support; however, we really encourage you to! That's is why this group was set up.

You can also ask for someone to call you for a short or long chat.  It's called our ‘Listening Ear’ scheme, and exists to link you with a friendly voice.

Many have asked if they can help us financially as we do have costs to fund. There is now a GoFundMe page here, should you feel you would like to help. There is absolutely no obligation to do so.